Life in Paradise, One Year After the Camp Fire (2019)

Survivors of the historic wildfire in Paradise, California tell their story of surviving the fire and its impact.
Director, Producer, Editor / 2019

Landscape Brigades (2020)
In this independent short film made with a small camera while performing on the road, I shot my impressions of the DIY band scene as I saw it across the US in 2015. Director, Producer, Editor / 2015-2020
How E-Skaters Are Taking Over Cities (2020)

Electric vehicle enthusiasts explain their role in the changing landscape of skateboarding due to technology.

Director, Producer, Editor / 2020
Music Makes a City Now (2015)
This web series chornicled Teddy Abrams, who became the youngest music director of a major American orchestra.
Editor / 2015
Steve Vai: Stillness in Motion (2014)
Produced and edited 2.5 hour live performance video of guitar virtuoso Steve Vai (edited trailer above). Producer, Editor / 2014
Carry That Weight: The World of Dog Carting (2013)
This independent short film takes a look inside the niche sport of dog carting. Director, Producer, Shooter, Editor / 2013
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